суббота, 16 марта 2013 г.

Sort It! - unusual quiz game

Are you tired of boring racings and other games with a trite motto 'kill all monsters around'? Do you want to get from the game both pleasant leisure and some benefit? If your answer is 'yes' then don’t go by because you have already found what you were seeking for!

'Sort it!' is based on the principle of distribution of images in the correct logical order. Each level consists of four-five pics. Your task is to look and analyze the images carefully and find connection between them. There’re no words, no hints, just a row of pictures which is waiting for you. Use you guess, analytical thinking, and ability to isolate particular from the general or vv to connect incompatible objects according to a common criterion. If you can do it, then the mission will be completed. At first you can think that this game has nothing to do with something extraordinary and addictive, but it’s absolutely wrong. Just start playing and you’ll be surprised how fascinating this game can be!

'Sort it!' is an unusual quiz game. Here you’ll find great pleasure and passion in searching for the right answer to our puzzle. It combines fun, warm-up for your brains and a real test for your logic. Are you ready to show your abilities? WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF 'SORT IT!'

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